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Why pay full commission when you can list your home for less?

Everyone is not the same. There are options for home sellers who want to save on real estate commissions. List your home for 3.5%. You will get the same professional full service representation. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service while saving you thousands of dollars in commissions.

Selling a Home?

Some home sellers like yourself don't want to or can't afford to pay a 5 or 6 percent of the sale proceeds to a broker. This is especially true today when many buyers find their homes online and only use an agent or broker to close the deal. You decided to engage the help of a real estate broker in selling your Chicago condo or home but you're the kind of person who is finding it very hard to pay a huge commission from the sale of your home when your obvious choice is that you want to keep as much money from the sale as possible.

Full Service Listing for 3.5% Commission

Many home sellers tell us that after they pay off their existing mortgage, their real estate commission may be the next largest expense in selling their home. What can we do for you? You will receive the same full service of a traditional brokerage, but you will only pay at closing a total of 3.5 percent commission to list your home on the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service).

Some real estate agents will tell you that we are a discount broker. They will say you get what you pay for. What those agents or brokers are saying to you is "Why pay less when you can pay an agent more?" Considering that we provide you the same services at a lower cost, there is absolutely no correlation between the real estate commission you pay a broker or agent and the quality of service you receive from a full service Chicago real estate discount broker. Think about this. Would you say that a traditional brokerage company or agent that lowers their commission rate from six percent to five percent or even from five percent to four percent to list a home is a discount broker? What makes sense must be true. It's important for you to understand that there are real estate firms that provide limited services that position themselves as less expensive versions of their full service competitors. It is also important for you to understand and differentiate between the service model types and choose the one that is most appropriate for your needs.

Home Sellers Who Want To Save On Real Estate Commissions

For the home seller, we offer all the assistance that a traditional broker or agent provides. Your property is listed in the Realtor MLS. Seller representation include scheduling and showing the property to potential buyers and contract negotiations. We present you with all offers, discuss your options, make recommendations and changes necessary for any counter-offers, as well as review with you contractual details. By law real estate commissions are not fixed.They are set by each broker individually and are negotiable between the seller and the broker when the listing agreement is created.

When a home or listing is entered into a Multiple Listing Service, listing agents offer a portion of their commission to the buyer agents. When we list your home we offer 2.5 percent commission to the buyer's agent through the Multiple Listing Service. This is the same commission rate they can expect from other real estate listing brokers. The remaining 1 percent is for our listing fee. There is no difference for a buyer agent selling your property or any other property listing.

One final note. We understand that some home sellers find the topic of real estate commissions and fees fascinating and are finding alternative ways to save on commission costs. After all, any percentage of a big number and most homes sell for relatively big numbers - is itself a big number, and who doesn't like to learn how to minimize a big expense? Just because you are paying less does not mean you should expect anything less than full real estate services. Buying a home? Get 20% of broker's commission when you buy your next home through me. Guarantee! Buying a Home?

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Thinking of buying in any of these Condo Buildings? When you buy any Chicago real estate home you will receive 20% of my commission at closing. Guarantee!

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