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505 N. Lake Shore Drive

Lake Point Tower was once called the world's tallest apartment building, seventy stories, or 645 feet high. There are about 740 condo units within its cloverleaf shape. We can help you find your next condo in LPT while saving you on real estate commissions. It was completed in 1968 and is the only tall building in Chicago east of Lake Shore Drive. Every window of every residential unit in the building has a view of Lake Michigan. The building's curves were designed so every resident cannot see into each other's windows. The window mullions are spaced precisely so that they disappear from the point of view when you are standing in front of the window. The 3rd floor of the building holds the 2.5 acre Skyline Park, which features a pool, duck pond, waterfall, playground and wooded trails.

Lake Point Tower has studios, one, two, three, and four bedroom units. Height: 645 feet. Floors Above Ground: 70. Number of Elevators: 9. Number of Units: 740. Number of Parking Spaces: 700. Construction Started: 1965. Construction Completed: 1968. At the top of the building, on its 70 floor, is the Cite restaurant. The building's design influenced two other residential towers: Harbor Point and Park Tower Condominiums. Lake Point Tower is located on the peninsula which leads into Navy Pier, one of Chicago's most popular tourist attractions in Streeterville. Baseball slugger Sammy Sosa is a former resident. Why pay 6% or 5% commission when you can list your home for 4% commission. Imagine being able to get at closing a percentage of the broker's commission when you buy your next home.

Lake Point Tower Condos. Listed below are all recorded sales for 2019. This list is compiled from the MLS.

Lake Point Tower / Sold Units 2019
Unit Number List Price Sold Price Bedrooms ASF Closed Date
6405 $449,000 $449,000 1 1100 5/10/19
1116 $485,000 $470,000 1 1100 5/07/19
3110 $634,900 $650,000 2 1430 5/03/19
504 $395,000 $400,050 1 1100 4/22/19
706 $340,000 $322,000 1 1100 4/19/19
5508-9 $979,000 $986,000 2 2200 4/15/19
1118 $429,000 $395,000 1 1100 4/05/19
6108-9 $995,000 $975,000 3 2200 3/29/19
4712 $689,900 $660,000 2 1480 3/14/19
1417 $300,000 $275,000 1 706 2/28/19
517 $274,000 $250,000 1 706 2/27/19
2113 $694,000 $680,000 2 1800 1/11/19

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