What is the MLS?

The MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) is the most comprehensive computerized database of homes for sale. This database is used by Realtors® to market and promote their own listings and to cooperate with other Realtors®. A large portion of real estate transactions are a direct result of MLS exposure. By having your home in the MLS, it will be exposed to thousands of local real estate agents who otherwise would not have known that your property was for sale and would not have shown it. This is the same MLS used by a traditional broker who would charge you a full cost listing commission.

Are you a “discount” broker?

All real estate commissions are negotiable and there is not a specific commission that all brokers charge. Due to our low fee structure, many would consider us a Discount Broker. What makes Chicago Condos Finder unique is that we are a full service broker. Unlike other traditional real estate brokers, you don’t have to argue and bicker with us to get a super competitive rate! We don’t attempt to make a fortune from each family we deal with, we will sell your home and pass along the savings to you.

Will my listing look the same as those who have agreed to pay a full listing commission to a traditional broker?

Yes. Since your listing is a “Full Service” listing when listed with us, it will be identical to those paying a much, much higher 5% or 6% commission fee.

Are there any hidden fees?


Won’t buyer agents boycott my listing?

No. Buyer agents are indifferent as long as they are being paid their due. Our listings have been sold by nearly every major real estate company in the area, and we have excellent relationships with our colleagues. In addition, it is a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act for an agent representing a buyer to choose which listing to show or not show based on the fees you are paying to us. No agent wants to lose their license.

What is a Home Buyer Rebate?

The Home Buyer Rebate is a form of commission sharing. Real Estate Agents representing you in your home purchase, they are paid a commission when you buy a new home. To thank you for using our service, we share a portion of the commission with you.

Are home buyer rebates legal?

Yes, Absolutely, as well as 40 other states, Real Estate Rebates are allowed. According to The U.S. Department of Justice website. You can also read more about Home Buyer Rebates by visting The United States Department of Justice website.

What if I already found the home that I would like to buy, do I still get my rebate?

Yes, absolutely. We just need to be representing as your buyer’s agent for that home.

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