Buying a Home?

Get 20% of Our Commission at Closing. Guarantee!

Buying a Home?

Are you looking to purchase a new home or condo in Chicago? When we represent you in the purchase of any home listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and as part of our service, you will receive a check for 20% of our commission at closing from the 2.5 percent commission we get paid by the seller's agent. We will provide you with up-to-date real estate listings directly from the MLS. These are all listings used exclusively by Realtors to market homes for sale to the entire Chicago real estate industry. After you select some properties we step in to narrow your search, help you choose between properties and negotiate the purchase contract on your behalf through closing.

Home Buyer Rebate

A commission rebate, sometimes called a home buyer rebate, is when a real estate broker shares part of their commission with the home buyer. What this means is that the broker shares a percentage of their commission in exchange for the buyer saving the broker time. Where is that time saved? The internet of course. You do your research and spend countless hours browsing all the different real estate websites before making your home purchase. You have narrowed your search down to a handful of homes before you contact a real estate agent.

Who says you can't get a Home Buyer Rebate?

Some real estate brokers or agents might tell you that rebates from an agent are not legal. They are wrong. Home Buyer Rebates are legal in Illinois. What they are really telling you is that some real estate agents in Chicago have a policy of not offering rebates to the home buyer. The United States Department of Justice allows Illinois real estate brokers to offer rebates to home buyers. You can also read more about Home Buyer Rebates by visting The United States Department of Justice website.

How do agents get paid?

It cost you the home buyer nothing when buying a MLS listed property. Agents are paid at closing from the proceeds of the transaction. Home buyers will not incur any costs or fees for our services. Home sellers will contract a listing agent who will charge a commission to sell their property. A portion of the listing agent's commission, typically 2.5 percent is offered to the buyer's agent in order to compensate for bringing a buyer to the seller. Many home sellers ask why is it that the buyer's agent fee is always 2.5%? Here's why. According to the Realtors MLS nine out of ten homes in Chicago are sold by the agent representing the home buyer.

The chart below illustrates how much cash back you will receive at closing when I represent you in the purchase of any home listed on the MLS. Your rebate is based on the purchase price of the home not the mortgage amount.

Home Purchase Price Your Rebate Amount
$100,000 $1,250.00
$200,000 $2,500.00
$300,000 $3,750.00
$400,000 $5,000.00
$500,000 $6,250.00
$600,000 $7,500.00
$700,000 $8,750.00
$800,000 $10,000.00
$900,000 $11,250.00
$1,000,000 $12,500.00

Thinking of buying in any of these Condo Buildings? When you buy any Chicago real estate home you will receive half of our commission at closing. Guarantee!

Chicago Condos

  • Park Monroe Condos
  • 175 E. Delaware Pl. Condos
  • 55 E. Erie Condos
  • The Palmolive Condos
  • 340 on the Park Condos
  • The Legacy Condos
  • The Fordham Condos
  • Aqua Condos
  • The Pinnacle Condos
  • Lincoln Park 2550 Condos
  • Park Monroe Condos
  • The Ritz Carlton Condos
  • The Chandler Condos
  • The Landcaster Condos
  • 100 East Huron Condos

Chicago Condos

  • 1000 North Lake Shore
  • 100 East Walton
  • 1550 N. Lake Shore
  • 111 East Chestnut
  • Lake Point Tower
  • 50 East Chestnut
  • 474 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 530 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 600 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 55 East Erie
  • 880 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 400 East Randolph
  • Harbor Point Condos
  • 360 East Randolph
  • 2020 N. Lincoln Park West