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Chicago Condos Finder Is Different

You start searching for Chicago condos online to establish a listing or offer price when you decide that you want to sell or buy a condo. You ask yourself how can you cut the hight cost of commissions? What would you say if we provide you the same full service offered by traditional real estate brokers without the 5 percent or 6 percent commission you would normally pay? Now imagine buying your next condo and getting part of the broker's commission at closing. Is this all possible? Absolutely. At Chicago Condos Finder we will list your home for 3.5 percent and give you 20 percent of our commission when we represent you in the purchase of any home in Chicago. Guarantee!

You want to sell your home but you're the kind of person that doesn't want to pay high real estate commissions but some brokers think that you do. Are you ready for something different?

We are condo specialists

How much is your condominium worth?

If you are a current owner looking to list your Chicago condo for sale, look no further. We are condo specialists and provide ourselves on service and knowledge that we extent to our clients. In other words, we make sure you price your home just right. There are two things that are most important when it comes time to sell your home. Pricing your home right and marketing the home. We'll actually show you a snapshot of the real estate market in your area with comparable sold properties and show you how we come up with an accurate property value. As a sellers agent and listing agent we know what buyers are looking for in their next home and can give you some great advice on improvements, upgrades, painting and more to get you a higher sales price and a faster sale.

Selling a Home?

3.5% Full Service Listing

At Chicago Condos Finder we will list your home on the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) and many other websites. You will get full service from start to closing. Today's home sellers are savvy and wise. You understand the need to list your home but you do not want to pay a 5% or 6% commission.

Here's how it works. You contract to list your home or condo on the MLS and agree to pay at closing a 3.5% commission based on the final sales price. Of that 3.5% commission, 2.5% is paid to the buyer's agent, best known as the MLS co-op fee and the remaining 1% is for my listing fee. Many home sellers ask why is it that the buyer's agent fee is always 2.5%? Here's why. According to the Realtors' MLS, nine out of ten homes in Chicago are sold by the agent representing the home buyer.

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Why we do not have IDX Search listings on our website?

There are thousands of real estate websites that let you search real estate listings on the internet. The most popular of these searches is Zillow, followed by and Trulia. They dominate search engine results. In the mind of the seller or home buyer they don't think of searching for property listings on an agents website. These real estate portals dominate an agents IDX websites because they place an extreme amount of money developing and impovering their search results on a weekly basis. That is the reason why many real estate brokers including us do not have IDX search on our website. What makes sense must be true.

Buying a Home?

Get 20% of Broker's Commission

Did you know that when you buy a home you can get a home buyer rebate? Illinois law allow home buyers to get a rebate from a percentage of the commission the real estate broker receives. You will be glad to know that when I represent you in the purchase of any home in Chicago, you will receive 20% of my commission at closing. Guarantee! Now that you know that you can get a percentage of the broker's commission when you buy a home and that home buyer rebates are legal in Illinois, can you think of any reason not to get your rebate when you buy your next home?

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Buying a home in Chicago?

You search for homes on the internet, get a portion of our commission

Purchasing Chicago real estate, choice and location is a crucial factor when buying a home. In order to choose your next home, we urge you to browse individual condo buildings. You can see a market snapshot that tracks changes in price over time, inventory, and the average amount of time a listing stays on the market in a neigborhood. In addition, you can view listings in a list or on a map and browse by price, size, and property type. Other filters include square footage, amenities and nearby schools. Condos are a popular option with many first time home buyers mainly because they are more afforable. One of the reasons many people buy a condo is because they are looking to downsize and have someone else take care of all the maintenance issues. Best of all if you want to be close to the downtown life and stroll to bars, cafes or go to some of your favorite restaurants, then a condo is probably your best option.

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Buying a Chicago Condo?

Could be a good choice for you

Owning a condo is much different than owning a single family residence. For example, here are some different choices you'll want to consider. Location. It affects not only your price, but also your proximity to work or family. Style of Property. Some buyers prefer to live in a high-rise, others want to live in a condo building that offers the feel of a housing community.
Monthy Maintenance Fees. Everyone has to contribute these fees to pay for maintenance and upkeep. Common Areas. Make sure you are happy with the common areas. Amenities. Since amenities vary from condo building to condo building, it's important to make sure your condo has the upgrades you want. Check to see if there is a gym, pool or any amenity you like. Parking. Parking is a huge deal if you own a car. Security. Some Chicago condo buildings offer security at the front door, lobby or around the building. Square Footage. You should consider the square footage of a condo just like you would if you were buying a house. In conlusion, make sure you have an appropriate number of bedrooms and bathrooms, sufficient living area and any other rooms you are looking for in a home.


We are glad we had picked Alexander to help us sell our condo. He is very attentive to our needs and prioritize client's needs first and foremost. Great job and highly recommended.

– John & Sue Martin

Thinking of buying in any of these Condo Buildings? When you buy any Chicago real estate home you will receive 20% of our commission at closing. Guarantee!

Chicago Condos

  • Lake Point Tower
  • 175 E. Delaware Pl. Condos
  • 55 E. Erie Condos
  • The Palmolive Condos
  • 340 on the Park Condos
  • The Legacy Condos
  • The Fordham Condos
  • Aqua Condos
  • The Pinnacle Condos
  • Lincoln Park 2550 Condos
  • Park Monroe Condos
  • The Ritz Carlton Condos
  • The Chandler Condos
  • The Landcaster Condos
  • 100 East Huron Condos

Chicago Condos

  • 1300 N. Lake Shore Drive
  • 100 East Walton
  • 1550 N. Lake Shore Drive
  • 111 East Chestnut
  • One Museum Park
  • 50 East Chestnut
  • 474 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 530 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 600 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 1201 S. Prairie Ave.
  • 880 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 400 East Randolph
  • Harbor Point Condos
  • 360 East Randolph
  • 2020 N. Lincoln Park West