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List your home on the MLS and you will only pay 3.5% commission at closing. Get 20% of my commission when you buy a home. Guarantee! Did you know that in Illinois it is legal for the home buyer to get part of the broker's commission at closing?

Selling a Home?

3.5% Full Service Listing

Home sellers have been paying thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, leaving them less equity after the sale of their home. Today, many sellers are savvy and wise and like yourself are looking for alternative solutions. List your home on the MLS,, and many other websites while getting full service from start to closing. You understand the need to list your home but you do not want to pay a 5% or 6% commission. Here's how it works. You contract to list your Chicago condo or home on the MLS and agree to pay at closing 3.5% commission based on the final sales price. Of that 3.5% commission, 2.5% is paid to the buyer's agent, best known as the MLS co-op fee and the remaining 1% is for my listing fee.

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Chicago Condos Finder works to save sellers money on their home. We list your home on the MLS and 100 plus listing websites. Buy a home through me and receive 20% of my commission! No catch, no gimmicks, and no hidden fees.

Buying a Home?

Get 20% of my commission

Did you know that when you buy a home you can get a home buyer rebate? Illinois law allow home buyers to get a rebate from a percentage of the commission the real estate broker receives. You will be glad to know that when I represent you in the purchase of any home in Chicago, you will receive 20% of my commission at closing. Guarantee! Now that you know that you can get a percentage of the broker's commission when you buy a home and that home buyer rebates are legal in Illinois, can you think of any reason not to get your rebate when you buy your next home?

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We are glad we had picked Alexander to help us sell our condo. He is very attentive to our needs and prioritize client's needs first and foremost. Great job and highly recommended.

– John & Sue Martin

Thinking of buying in any of these Condo Buildings? When you buy any Chicago real estate home you will receive 20 percent of my commission at closing. Guarantee!

Chicago Condos

  • Park Monroe Condos
  • 175 E. Delaware Pl. Condos
  • 55 E. Erie Condos
  • The Palmolive Condos
  • 340 on the Park Condos
  • The Legacy Condos
  • The Fordham Condos
  • Aqua Condos
  • The Pinnacle Condos
  • Lincoln Park 2550 Condos
  • Park Monroe Condos
  • The Ritz Carlton Condos
  • The Chandler Condos
  • The Landcaster Condos
  • 100 East Huron Condos

Chicago Condos

  • 1000 North Lake Shore
  • 100 East Walton
  • 1550 N. Lake Shore
  • 111 East Chestnut
  • Lake Point Tower
  • 50 East Chestnut
  • 474 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 530 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 600 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 55 East Erie
  • 880 North Lake Shore Drive
  • 400 East Randolph
  • Harbor Point Condos
  • 360 East Randolph
  • 2020 N. Lincoln Park West

For more information on buying or selling your home in Chicago, contact Alexander Mancini. 3.5% Full Service Listing. Home Buyer Rebates - Get 20% of My Commission at Closing. Guarantee!